Learn How to Move Better on the Tennis Court

Content Of Your Breathwork Course

Here is what you are about to learn, with more than 60 videos and text, explaining step by step:

  • Part 1: How To Be In Rhythm With The Ball --> Warm-Up then 7 more Training Chapters With All The Important Kinds Of Steps To Master.

  • Part 2: Understanding Where To Be Positioned On The Court At Any Time --> Theory and Consequences.

  • Part 3: Recap Of The Steps For An Ideal Footwork --> Videos To Study.

  • Part 4: Footwork Fitness --> Explosive Endurance Specific For Your Tennis Footwork.

  • Part 5: A More Challenging Footwork Technique --> For Advanced Players Only.

  • Part 6: How To Manage When The Balls Are Very Far Away From You.

  • Part 7: Conclusion & Your Own Assessment

* Your Price Choice

You want to be stronger and liberate yourself in one way or another?


I do wish to help you as much as I can.

For now, I've decided to not only keep my prices very affordable for what it's worth, I'm also giving you the choice of how much you wish/ you can/ you choose to invest:

--> 28 Euro

--> 58 Euro

--> or 118 Euro.

You get exactly the same product regardless of your investment.

Your choice.

Your life.

Your improvements.

And of course you help me creating more content, so I thank you for this.

Who can Benefit from this course?


- You are motivated to become the best tennis player that you can be.

- You are not a beginer (sorry, you need to at least have done some competition to really benefit from what you get in this course).

- You take responsibility for your improvements: it's not that this course is great and "TADA! You're transformed and suddenly you move like Federer!" Indeed, it depends on how you integrate what you learn in this course, in other words YOUR EFFORTS to understand and train by yourself.

- you are at least 10 years old, and if you are still a kid, I recommend you do the course with your parents to be sure you understand everything correctly.


"I believe this is a great course for juniors and adults who want to understand the footwork and improve/ perfect it on their own."

Lioudmila Jardini Skavronskaia, ATP/ WTA/ ITF coach

"Benoit is passionate about the game, but most importantly, about the improvement of his players.

Here is an online course with videos very simple and complete to improve your footwork.

I recommend it for competition players, tennis and fitness coaches, as well as parents.

Thanks for your work Benoit and see you soon on the Tour!"

Alexandre Lisiecki, LTA performance team, men's team.

About Benoit Foucher

I'm a Peak Performance Coach. My job is to help those who have a big sport's dream, and to figuring out how you can achieve it.

Former tennis professional (top 70 in France, 680ATP), runner-up World Championship ITF +35 years old in 2017, nowadays I spend most of my time traveling around the world to coach Arthur Fery, to help him becoming one of the best Tennis Players in the world.

What you get with me: an aspiration to be strong, mentally and physically, and to be free.

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